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Entry #2

New Art

2010-04-22 13:02:59 by ChevroletSpark

Just postet a Artwork... my first one on newgrounds. =)

New Art


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2010-04-22 18:55:32

certainly happy 9/10 i guess, btw im the first commenter

ChevroletSpark responds:

Yes.. you are, thanks for the comment :)


2010-05-07 01:32:23

Cool wish i have a Flash cs3or4 tooo (but it cant because i only have flashplayer 8 :(
anyway good picture.

ChevroletSpark responds:

Thanks, not really well drawn but i think i got the essence of the insaneness...


2010-05-14 14:58:07

very good picture 10/10
i like you news post

ChevroletSpark responds:

Thanks you =)